Everlasting Summer

Everlasting Summer z alba / zpěvníku Písně víly od Soni Siepakové.

Písně víly obsahují 22 veselých, léčivých a romantických písniček v češtině pro dospělé i dětičky. Těchto 22 písniček najdete i v angličtině v albu Fairy’s Songs. Stáhněte si zdarma česko-anglický PDF zpěvník.

My beloved is chopping timber so that we’re warm in winter.

Now he has stopped and hugged me tightly, caressing my hair lightly.

My beloved has sharpened his scythe to cut our grassy carpet.

So all of us can run there barefoot. Or lie and softly sunbathe.

My beloved is waving at me from a tree in our orchard. 

How sweet he looks with all the berries, plums and pears in his background. 

My beloved is picking cherries from the very top branches.

Throwing some at me, whistling, singing. I’d love to have his courage. 

I can’t take my eyes off this man. So strong and allways smiling.

When he is digging a water well, stones and clay come out flying.

My beloved’s fingers are green. He loves spending time outdoors.

Building a paradise for me. Whispering, ‚Darling, I‘m yours.‘

I am grateful that my beloved likes our home peaceful, quiet. 

We are best friends, passionate lovers. Love’s our eternal fire.

I am rateful for my beloved. He’s such a skillful farmer.

Living with him is more than heaven. It’s everlasting summer.


2020 © Sona Siepakova

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